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Get to Know Our IG LIVE Guest: Raisa Flowers

Get to Know Our IG LIVE Guest: Raisa Flowers

Whether behind the scenes as a makeup artist or in front of the lens as model, Raisa Flowers never ceases to convey her distinct point-of-view,

As a makeup artist, Raisa is both technical and innovative, melding graphic shapes with pops of color and a dash of ’90s glamour. As a model, she tirelessly works to challenge and deconstruct body image stereotypes. Vogue, CR Fashion Book, and Fashionista are just a few of the outlets that are taking notice of Raisa’s ever-growing presence, in addition to innumerable brands clamoring to collaborate with her. A truly unstoppable force, Raisa is on the vanguard of reshaping how we as a society view beauty and fashion. Artistry, tenacity, and a radically progressive perspective have already cemented Raisa as a distinguished figure in these industries — and her potential is infinite. We are honored to welcome Raisa as our guest on “Every Skin Has A Story: Women of Color Take on Beauty,” our justice-based conversation series for IG LIVE hosted by A-lan Holt, Director of Stanford’s Institute for Diversity in the Arts. Together, they will discuss the radical politics of being yourself, creating beauty aesthetics for the future, and changing the industry from the inside out. Join us Friday, September 25th at 1 PST/ 4 EST on @officialretrouve’s IG LIVE. We hope that you will enjoy getting to know Ms. Flowers in advance of “Every Skin Has a Story” with the mini-interview below:

What brings you joy?

I feel like doing what I love and doing it to my best ability brings me joy. During this quarantine I didn’t get to work so I then started to really value what I do on another level. It’s interesting how much I centered myself during that time of stillness and I realized how much joy it gave me.

What does self-care mean to you?

Self care to me is spending time with yourself, doesn’t matter what you like to do, like skin care, getting dressed up, taking time to rest. Self care is super important for me because I am working a lot so I have to be on my vitamins, drinking tea, just taking care of myself and that is what makes me feel like me because if I don’t I start to lose it.

What’s a quote or motto you live by?

“Be yourself and believe in yourself.” Honestly being myself helped me get to where I am now and I think it is very important for your own self identity. It’s a shame a lot of people can not be themselves because of the fear of being judged which is sad. Being self actualizing can further you on your path and when people really tap into that it can change their whole perspective of things. That’s why I tell people believe in yourself as well because dreams do come true but people have to be ready for that.

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