“Retrouvé is the highest expression
of passion, expertise, and performance
in skincare.”

From an early age, Jami joined her father and grandfather in developing countless beloved products for Kiehl’s. Throughout her career, Jami has formulated over 100 products and is responsible for some of the most celebrated and best-selling products of all time.

After leading the sale of Kiehl’s to L'Oréal, the Heideggers raised their three children on their family farm in Malibu, explored other entrepreneurial ventures, and began cultivating plants and produce following permaculture principles.

All the while, Jami and Klaus continued refining their vision of what a performance-driven unisex skincare line should be. After over a decade of testing formulations, ingredient sourcing, and friends asking for samples, the Heidegger family launched Retrouvé.

What began as a private endeavor to create a highly efficacious, multifunctional skincare line without compromise to quality, price, or effectiveness is now a prestige brand available to those determined to elevate the appearance of their skin.

performance in skincare

Made with clinically effective concentrations of anti-aging ingredients set in otherworldly textures, Retrouvé works harmoniously with the body's natural regenerative processes to optimize the skin's ability to nourish, strengthen, and repair itself.

In addition to sourcing the highest grade of ingredients from trusted suppliers, Retrouvé also incorporates produce harvested directly from the Heidegger family farm in Malibu.

Retrouvé is an elegant balance of science and nature. Klaus has been growing avocados and other produce on the family farm according to permaculture's green principles for over a decade.

Here, Jami and Klaus have sourced ranch-harvested avocados used in Retrouvé's LUMINOUS CLEANSING ELIXIRBAUME ULTIME OIL, and DERMAL DEFENSE HAND CREAM.

Retrouvé plans to cultivate and include more raw ingredients from their private orchards, giving the brand an unmatched level of control over the quality of its product.

we do not add synthetic fragrances
unnecessary fillers
artificial coloration
heavy-duty preservatives
and in some products, we utilize signature water-free formulation.

Vegan (V) Product Options

key ingredients

Sustainably Grown Avocado

Has skin-conditioning benefits and is pressed from the fruit grown on the founders’ permaculture ranch in Malibu, California


A sugar-based and vegan emollient that helps to reduce moisture loss


Soothes skin and adds essential moisture

THC Ascorbate (Vitamin C)

A lipid-soluble derivative of Vitamin C that provides a more even skin tone and brighter-looking skin

Vitamin E

Known to have skin-enriching and antioxidant properties that can help defend against pollution

Marine Extracts/Algae

Moisturize deeply, promote the appearance of healthier-looking skin


Thought to help fight against and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging


This natural vitamin helps prevent skin from losing water content, evens out the skin tone and gives the appearance of a healthy glow


A natural alternative to Retinol known to improve the appearance of the skin, making it look firm and radiant


A bio-fermentation extract that helps improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation

Signature Skin-Supporting Antioxodant Blend

White Tea

One of nature’s most potent antioxidants, these young leaves contain high concentrations of polyphenols and are known to be very efficient at protecting from enzyme damage.


A multifaceted antioxidant that is known to promote clear, radiant- looking skin.

Vitamin E

A naturally occurring component of healthy skin, this vitamin is known to have significant antioxidant properties to help defend against pollution which can increase the signs of aging.

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Primed for performance

Aging starts at birth. No product can stop aging, but Retrouvé helps to visibly reduce the signs of it.

Primed for performance, Retrouvé products boost hydration, brighten the complexion, smooth the appearance of fine lines, and enhance skin quality to promote a beautiful skin appearance.ality to promote a beautiful skin appearance.

Airless Packaging

integrity of such high performance

This packaging method allows ingredients to be mixed at high speeds without incorporating air then dispensed in black airless glass containers.

Combining the two airless systems goes beyond industry standards to eliminate oxidation, preserve the integrity of the ingredients, and decrease the number of preservatives necessary to provide a longer-lasting shelf life.

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