Q and A with Renowned Makeup Artist Patrick Foley

Q and A with Renowned Makeup Artist Patrick Foley

Through our years in Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, I have had the pleasure of getting to know the brightest star at that store around whom everyone else seems to orbit. Every bit as gorgeous as the innumerable A- list celebs who continuously fill his chair, Patrick’s lovely, supportive, kind, caring and compassionate nature have also made him the confidant and close friend of many of his top clients. This humble and very handsome visionary just launched his new lipstick in collaboration with Sisley, and it immediately rocketed to Neiman’s best- selling lipstick launch of all- time! While an appointment with Patrick is almost impossible to come by these days, we can all enjoy a bit of his masterful talent to beautify women with his lipstick that he specially formulated to look good on most all lips and skin types. Patrick was kind enough to take time out of preparing for the recent Versace show to answer our questions in this interview that we hope you will enjoy.


1. Q: What is your favorite part about the work that you do?

A: What I love most about my job is that you’re constantly collaborating with people and helping them figure out how they are going to achieve the look they want.


2. Q: What do you think is the key/“secret sauce” to how you got so successful and beloved?

A: I’m open to new ideas and trends. With that said, I always hold true to what is beautiful, and it’s not lost on me when people are seeking beauty advice.  I don’t find it complicated to be honest and kind.


3. Q: Please tell us about your fabulous lipstick collaboration with Sisley for NM? And can you explain why you selected “the perfect beige”? Is that a staple color you like to use or you feel is a go-to or should be when wearing a lip color?

A: I originally approached Sisley about re-doing or re-creating  a Farrah Fawcett lipstick color that I had created through the brand “Nude Envy.” They came back to me and said they normally don’t do that kind of collaboration but what about a Patrick Foley lipstick? And if  so, what would the tone be?  My go-to lipstick tone has always been a “ nude-beige” that has more pink and peachy tones. I find it works on every skin- tone and way before celebs like J-Lo and Angelina Jolie made it a staple, Jaclyn Smith wore the nude color as the original Breck Girl in the early 1970’s.


4. Q: You have worked with innumerable famous celebrities. Do you have any special favorites or anecdotes that you could share?

A: Growing up, my favorite television show was Charlie’s Angels, and both Farrah and Jaclyn, whom I was particularly drawn to, had both become very close friends of mine.  When I was trying to figure out what my next career move was, Farrah helped me create the job as a personal shopper for beauty at Barney’s New York. 


5. Q: Can you share a time where you were working with a client who’s look would be broadcast for millions to see and any special ah-ha moments that accompanied the event?

A: Yes. What comes to mind is this past Grammy Awards.  I had the honor of doing our First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s make-up. I felt very confident, knowing I could get her complexion looking beautiful, using a combo of Retrouvé products and then mixing the Retrouvé Nutrient Face Serum with the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, to build coverage. I felt it was needed without compromising the “glow” that works with High-Def Television.


6. Q: Where would you like to see yourself in ten years?

A: I really like the path I am on currently, and I would love to continue to collaborate with brands I love and respect with products I feel are missing in the marketplace.


7. Q: What are your skincare and wellness routines to keep yourself looking so fabulous?

A: I do believe in starting the day with a work-out.  I feel as we get older, being consistent with your workouts is the greatest gift to yourself.  I believe in using clean, high-performance products, both in the morning and night.  I love extra steps, and I believe strongly in adding little, quick prep’s that anyone can do during the day, such as the ‘Skin Priming Pads’ from Retrouvé. These pads take out any congestion in the skin and tighten the pores. Everyone should have them in their daily regime.


8. Q: What do you think is missing in the beauty/cosmetics industry? 

A: Compact makeup that provides a nice touch-up with a great finish.


9. Q: As an industry leader, what trends are you currently seeing now in the skincare or cosmetics arena that you welcome or are glad to introduce to your clients?

A: High performance skin care that gives a glow and radiance to the skin and continues to benefit the texture of one’s skin.  Regarding make-up trends, a foundation that is buildable and smooth.


10. Q: What is a “Pro Tip” or “Patrick Secret” that you could share? 

A: One of my favorite secrets for a luminous glow and texture is applying all skin-care products first and then applying the foundation.  The second layer of foundation is combined with Retrouvé Nutrient Face Serum.  This product does not break down the foundation nor does it look overly shiny.  The results are fantastic and makes the complexion look like glass.


11. Q: What inspires you about your work?

A: I think whenever you’re working with a human canvas, it’s always inspiring to bring out the bone structure and tones that look beautiful in all forms of light.


12. Q: What is something you do with a client that you feel sets you apart from others and keeps your clients coming back?

A: I try to make things as least complicated as I can so clients will be excited to do it themselves   Then when I book a follow-up appointment, I will bring it up a notch, depending on the clients comfort level.


13. Q: We know you are involved in a lot of charity work; and thanks to you, we also had the pleasure of partnering with you on the Farrah Fawcett Foundation Event in Dallas. You seem to have a great passion for giving back and helping others. Might you share a little about that with us and how you got started on this beautiful path of service to others?

A: As I grow older, I feel the need and compassion to give back, and when you get behind a charity, there has to be a desire and a knowledge to know where the money and effort is going. I found this collaboration with the Farrah Fawcett Foundation when Farrah had her cancer, and very little was known about Anal cancer, especially in women. She fought that battle stronger than anyone I’ve ever seen. She was adamant that she was going to help people with her journey when she got better. Unfortunately, that was not the case, but she had the will and knowledge to set up the foundation. Alana Stewart, who heads this foundation, is one of my closest friends. We have been able to think outside the corporate box and, working in the field of beauty, it does make perfect sense to align with an American iconic beauty, like Farrah. She was the definition of all things healthy and beautiful before her diagnosis. 



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